Congratulations! I know how you feel...

You have an idea for a business and you are excited by the possibilities. Scared of taking risks (you should be!). Looking forward to being rich, and out of the rut you are in. Being well off in your own right, independent of others. Throwing off the mantle of troubles which embrace you now. Sacking your boss or watching his face as you walk away to a better life. Society will promote you to your proper place if you are the owner of your own business, and shape your own destiny. Glowing at the prospect of being a CEO with a business card, a logo you designed, and being respected by others in your community for what you have achieved. Generous to be able to help others with your advice for success, sharing with family or virtuous in your charity to the needy. Anxious to stay in line with tax and legal requirements, cautious not to lose what you already have, but sleepless at night dreaming of your future prospects.


Take a journey through these pages, and decide what you do next ….. dream on, and do nothing, or wake up …. and turn yours idea into an income.


There are 2.1 million small or micro business enterprises in Australia. 20 % of the working population own their enterprise, according to Australian Year Book – 2010 published by ABS. I think there is room for you too.


Best wishes,


Richard Davies